Brought to you by burners for burners! Ignition Festival is your chance to come home and burn in 2019. Nestled right up against the Kaimai mountain range in back country Matamata, with nothing around for miles but all you beautiful people. We can’t wait to share this space with you and your wacky art, camps, and costumed bodies! Birthday suits welcomed.

As a burn-style event, we will of course follow the 10 Principles – so keep in mind that it’s a leave-no-trace, inclusive, self-expressive community. It’s not your traditional Festival where you turn up and consume; it’s a collaboration, an experience. We follow a gift economy, meaning there’ll be no commerce – nothing for sale (except ice – ’cause health). 

Important Info

What:           Ignition Festival
Where:         Matamata, NZ 
                       (exact location provided to ticket holders in January) 
When:          23 – 28 Jan
Who:            Open to all ages
How Much:  Adults $150,
                     Children 16 & under free
                     For tickets info, visit the Tickets page


About the Team

For a little more about the team behind the festival – we are a not-for-profit incorporated society, made up of long-time NZ and international burners. You’ll recognise many of us from various burn events, and we’re a mix of free-campers and theme campers.

But we want to acknowledge that it’s a team effort to get this thing off the ground, and at the end of the day there’ll be many hundreds of volunteers bringing this wonderful event together (including you!) If you’d like to get onboard, contact us and there’ll definitely be a role for you 😉

And in standard burner fashion, this event will (of course) be a not-for-profit event, with any surplus funds after the festival being invested back into the NZ burner community.