Theme Camps

Our amazing town planners have just put out the draft site layout, check it out here, see who your neighbours will be, and start frothing for what’s going to be an epic shindig! 

Scroll down for a full list of Theme Camps at Ignition 2019 and a little bit more about them!

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What’s all this Theme Camp malarkey?

A theme camp is a fancy name for a group of people who want to bring something to Ignition. You could be a Sound Camp and crank the tunes all night long, a bar offering drinks to the masses, or simply a collection of friends providing a communal space and opportunities for interaction. Whatever your wants, the best theme camps are ones that are committed, organised, and inclusive.


Do I have to be part of a theme camp?

At Ignition, all participants will either be part of a Theme Camp, or a free camper. Depending on your situation and what you’d like to get out of Ignition, both are wonderful options. Theme Camps often work together on catering and infrastructure for their members, in exchange for some hours invested in keeping the camp running smoothly (e.g. cooking, cleaning), and usually a few dollars to put towards consumables and infrastructure. If you’d like to be part of a Theme Camp, but don’t know where to start, try posting a message on our Facebook Group or Facebook Page, and the community will gladly help point you in the right direction.

If you’d prefer to Free Camp instead of join/create a Theme Camp, make sure to check out our What to Bring page to make sure you’ll be well prepared for the event.

New Theme Camp Registrations are now closed.

2019 Theme Camps

Igniters, Pirates, Nymphs, Ewoks, Pixies, come one, come all, take time for the sublime, and swing through the trees to the dually serene and surreal astral plane of The Hangout; you can check in any time you like for restoration, education, contemplation and exploration, but you’ll never want to leave.

A vape and smoke friendly camp for creative self expression! We’ll have resources out in a come & go communal space for self-guided tactile creative activities like writing, drawing & painting, plus a few workshops to teach basic creative skills in music, poetry, dance, art and more! There’s also a gamer space with card games, board games and tabletop roleplaying games to participate in. Check our board in the mornings to see what’s on each day!

Chur isn’t really a thing, it’s a feeling – and a spacious one at that. The only undeniable quality chur possesses is its immense potential for positive energy. Often associated with giving thanks (chur bro) and paired with two thumbs up (international symbol for fuck yeah), chur embodies the burner ethos in a single word. Achieving a higher state of chur is the core objective for our community.

LED art and tiny synthesisers

Liquidate your assets! Remortgage the bottom drawer in the bathroom! We have: Dividends! Ca$h monie$$$ Capital gains! GAIN GAIN GAIN! The market has spoken and the bards are back. Concerned about spending 5 whole days without the sweet relief of redemptive consumerism? Camp Capitalism is here to fill the void of your depressive hedonia with a rolling, roaming, straight-to-YOU consultancy-insurance-hedgefund-investment service. Sceptical? You should be. But never fear – this is pure poetry, people. 

Have you heard the good news of Desmond, Lord of Abundance? Camp Desmond is a cult(ural) experiment to embody the principle and practice of interdependent abundance. We welcome everyone to worship – whatever this means to you – and participate in the collective, spontaneous, and emergent story of Desmond.

A place to come chill out and have a yarn. Daytime lawn games and low key activities, BYO Lethergy.

Free kisses , secret cuddles and surprises! During the day time around 2:30 pm

The best little camp you’ve never heard of! You want banter? We’ve got it! Games and competitions? You betchya! Hate mail? We write it! Want to be laughed at, laughed with, and laughed next to in a loving and inclusive manner? We’re your gang! But don’t take our word for it, check out these glowing reviews from previous visitors:

“I was disappointed to find out that they weren’t a sex camp but I still had fun anyway. Would visit again. 3.5/5 stars.”

“Best bad advice on the paddock. 4/5 stars.”

“Camp Nipple Clamp were singularly decent hosts. They put up with my obnoxious wankery with a delightful lightness of being. I highly recommend the port snort, it does wonders for the sinuses. 5/5 stars.”

Circus themed sound and experience camp. We will host parties on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday night as well as some daytime parties

The Consent Club is composed by dedicated wahine who work to improve the Consent culture around them.

Feeling distressed? Too much too fast? Come and see us at Deepspace for a korero. We have electrolytes on tap, snacks and trained volunteers to help you through your experience as well as workshops to help you and your friends when overwhelming experiences occur

A group of men with many years of experience with men’s work and group work, gathering with partners, welcoming all.

Femme Nest is a space to celebrate femme (female, non-binary, trans, gender fluid and queer folk) solidarity. We offer our space for those who are now or have in the past interacted with the femme identity with regard to themself, and for their reflections to be heard, held and seen. We are a big nest of love, come bask in the energy of other femmes and learn, share and ground together! We ask you to respect the space being for femme relaxation and restoration away from the busy festival environment.

The place where fire and circus meet, we believe in sharing our skills because everybody can do it and it has many benefits for health and well being

Funkhutt creates spaces for the people who are ready to let it all go, dress it up or dress it off, kick back or kick it up. We take our music seriously, in the way of it being seriously good – from the downtempo slow tech to the bass driven deep tech and all the weird bits in between.

A camp to aid all your hairy woes. We have a qualified barber, and a qualified hair owner. Come by to stay fresh during the festival. Or to have a head massage, or maybe someone brush your hair?

Hijinxx, because we all enjoy a bit of mischief! We have created a beautiful and alluring space to share with you, so grab your dancing shoes, smiles and energy to come party with us from late afternoon into the night. Oh yeah! Get your groove on and celebrate the good times with an exciting mix of music – house, disco, techno and rock.

Mint Country Club aka MCC is the place to be for the mintiest Minters on the paddock, ice cold GIN & TONIC at our day-bar, be cool as a cucumber, play lawn sports, games and fun activities, the roaming gin bar will be everywhere for your refreshMints, great music.. come join the club, get MINTED and wear GREEN

Shit’s hot, come and kool down at the Mistikool Jungle. We got the mist, the breeze and the paints for all you animals

Daytime good vibes and evening warm up

Giant Magical MuchRooms; multiplying spaces gifting interactive sensory experiences of causal convenience, creature comforts, and creative communication;. Daytime – TownHall with workshops galore! Night Time – Theatre Bring your pillows, blankets and snuggle buddies to watch a flick!

Broadcasting live around the paddock on 88.1 FM

Presumptious Pancake parties, when you least expect them, popping up on a dance floor near you! Flip out at our stacked dance moves… they’re batter than yours.. Come get your crepe on and see how the party pans out. Oh and did we mention we have an epic fucking lighthouse

igniting with the fire of the phoenix. we rise from the ashes. renewed and evolving.

The Snug Specialists.
Psst hey kid. Wanna get some snugs? Pillowtopia selects only the finest of pillows straight from the clouds themselves—it’s legit! Trust us, we all have PhDs in chill times! Come drink lots of tea, and have lots of consensual cuddles. All cool creatures craving cascades of comfort are welcome 🙂

The Paddock may be different but The Post is unofficially the same! There are four key things that we can always guarantee:

1) We’ll read your mail
b) We MIGHT deliver it!
#) No Post on Sundays

Come visit us for all your postal supplies, to chat about your favourite post route or envelope type, or if you’re interested in taking a step in the right direction and becoming a Postie!

LGBTQIA+ intersectional safer space for casual hang outs with not shit humans. Everyone welcome, just don’t be an dick.

A shady place to hang out and an interesting way round he paddock

From the soapbox you can speak, amuse, rant, preach, educate, announce, persuade, entertain, move, inspire, sing, scream your burner buddies. Or: heckle, laugh, clap, smile, argue. The place for poetry, politics, comedy, readings, ranting, singing, visions, stories. Express yourself. Free speech – use it or lose it.

We are tree elves but sci-fi with the best pillow fort. We’re solarpunks because the only other options are denial or despair…The future is bright!

Stitch and Bitch is offering a full service hands on El wire costume embellishment experience. We will he hanging out in our shady space every afternoon, so feel free to bring your dragon, headpiece, jacket or anything you want to glow at night and work with an expert team stitching and bitching.

Tea & Tunes ~ Squeeze me some Steeze, we’ve got what you need. Iced tea, fresh tunes, good company. Yes please!

Burrowing Pufferfish is formerly known as the camp of continuing construction. This year we don’t promise anything.

Magic berries, moon hoppers, vikings, nerf guns, crossbows, weaving looms, performance art, chaos, destruction, ANARCHY!

Bringing the gift of pickle to the paddock. We’ll be offering some tasty beverages from the home still selection as well as some damn fine pickles, a little shisha and some punchy margaritas. When the pickles glowing, the whiskys flowing..

Cosy up in our wee caravan and find a new musical space without the pulsing bass lines – just fingers on keys and someone in the corner with a shaker. Curiosity encouraged and all abilities welcome

Hi my name is lighthouse. I do lighthouse things. Observe me. Admire me. Come rave inside me

Welcome to Playhouse. Come play! Every afternoon we’re running creative and performance workshops for you. Pop by for a chat and see what we’re doing today. Or check the notice board (if we haven’t gotten distracted on our way over to Town Hall). Or are you more the type to spend the day hiding from the heat and hangovers? Come play with strangers. No refunds. The more the merrier!

Enjoy the Lush red atmosphere of the Rasberry Beret Dome, drink at the Berry Bar which serves the finest ice blended cocktails on paddock, turn up each midnight for hot chips from the Berry Kitchen and get your daily dose of caffeine from the Berry Café which will be serving barista coffee from about 7am.

Ask for a nang-berry from our campers or try the deadly nang coffin if you’re brave enough….

AKA: Where hippies come to die. Pumping out a diverse range of tunes, this bogan/hippy hybrid will have plenty of cold brews and all the shit yarns you could hope for.

The Sensory Dispensary is serious about stimulating your sensoria! Our cordial and creative team curate countless curios to invigorate, inspire, inform, and intrigue.

Visual, somatic, olfactory, auditory, and gustatory: no sense has been censored in our pursuit to activate your mind.

So stop on by the Sensory Dispensary. It’s the sensible thing to do.

Two couches and a rug is set to meet your expectations of bringing two couches AND a rug to the paddock. We may or may not play Cascada on repeat throughout the festival this year.

Body-, sex-, kink-, weird-, queer-, positive positive camp; encouraging of nudity and supporting aerial and stage performances. Representing 8 continents. With Die Antwoord undertones. “Disgusting vulnerability mixed with not giving a fuck.”