What to Bring

We’ve compiled a little list of things that you may want to bring to the event, and some things you shouldn’t. This list ain’t even close to exhaustive, but should be a good starting point for those looking for a little inspiration.
If you’ve got any ideas to add to the list: let us know!!

Definitely Bring:

  • Your ticket and Photo ID.
  • Food & Drink – enough to last you and your crew for the full 5 days.
    We recommend 4-6L of water per person per day. You’ll be checked at gate to make sure you’re carrying enough.
    Dried/tinned food is a good choice too – fresh fruit and veges can go off after a few days.
  • A water bottle to carry around with you.
  • Your own cup/bowl/cutlery. You’ll want a portable drinking vessel to carry around too – as you never know when you’ll receive offers/gifts of something to drink!  Handy hint – tie an old bit of fabric to your vessel so you can attach it to your beautiful self; no worries about losing it!
  • Warm clothing, the evenings could be a little nippy.
  • Water-proof clothing – ’cause who knows what the weather gods will bring.
  • Shelter – I mean, this should be obvious, right? Both to keep you dry and to keep that harsh sun off during the day.
  • Rubbish & Recycling bags.
  • Torch or headlamp, and some spare batteries.
  • Sunscreen – the NZ sun can be a harsh mistress!
  • Other sun protective goodies – a sun hat, long, light clothing, sunglasses, etc.
  • Bug repellant. There might be some bitey creatures…
  • First Aid kit.
  • Medicines, medical needs, contact lenses & solution.
  • Fire extinguishers if you’re going to be working with/using fire.

A few more ideas:

  • A raincoat and/or umbrella.
  • A cooking stove if you’re contemplating warming food or liquid.
  • A chilly bin (or cooler box or esky for our international friends. Not the polystyrene type). We will have ice for sale to keep your food and drink fresh.
  • Earplugs! Not everyone will want to sleep when you do.
  • Watertight protective bags for clothing, cameras or electronic gear.
  • Smokers – bring portable ashtrays to collect your cigarette butts and ash! A mint tin or film canister, etc
  • Rope, string, tie-downs – we’re in against the Kaimais and fierce wind can come outta nowhere
  • Bright ribbons or markers to help identify your ropes and strings and tie-downs!!
  • Tools to help set up camp – e.g. hammer, scissors, pliers.
  • Lights for your person or camp – they’re handy and beautiful!
  • Duct tape/cable ties – always handy.
  • Extra tent pegs (preferable sturdy ones like 12 inchers).
  • Gifts to give to new friends.
  • Musical instruments, props, decorations!
  • Lotions, lip balm, after-sun care, skincare products.
  • Handy wipes/wet wipes, spare toilet paper, hand sanitiser.
  • Extra set of car keys, especially if you’re the type of person (me) who tends to lose them.

Definitely don’t bring:

  • Feathers, glitter (including biodegradable glitter). These get everywhere are are impossible to clean up, and even if we could tell the difference between eco glitter and normal crap, it still takes years to break down.
  • Disposable cups/cutlery. Bring something reusable, don’t be lazy! The planet will thank you.
  • Glass bottles/jars/containers of any kind – where avoidable. Broken glass sucks, and it hurts in your foot. Transfer your liquids to plastic, and buy cans of beer/cider instead.
  • Excess packaging from foods, e.g. remove outer layers, boxes.
  • Styrofoam/polystyrene.
  • Explosives, fireworks, aerial flares, rockets, firearms of any kind – including BB guns, air rifles, or paintball guns.