We’re now totz sold out!

If you didn’t pick up a ticket, keep an eye on the Ignition Buy/Sell Group on Facebook, some tickets are likely to pop up over the next few weeks as people discover they can no longer attend. They also seem to appear on our Facebook Page and Facebook Group.

For info on ticket resales and hints on how to stay safe when buying tickets from strangers, keep reading!

Looking for your ticket? It was emailed to you when you bought it. Try typing “Ignition” in to your emails’ search bar. Or use this handy dandy tool to send yourself another copy 🙂


Ticket Info

Tickets available: 800
Tickets remaining: nada

Dates:  23 – 28 Jan
Where: Matamata, NZ
Address has been emailed to ticket holders

Ticket Resales

We don’t have a ticket resale system, so if you’ve purchased a ticket and can no longer attend, you are welcome to sell the ticket on to someone else. 

All tickets must be sold at face value or less! If we see/hear of anyone trying to sell a ticket above $150, we’ll void the ticket with no refund. Don’t be a dick – this festival is about participation and community.

Tickets don’t have names on them, so you don’t need to change anything when selling your ticket, simply email the ticket on to the new owner.

The first person to turn up at the event with a valid ticket will be admitted, so make sure to keep your ticket safe, and only buy from trusted sellers.

If you are wanting to buy a second-hand ticket to Ignition Festival, please be wary of ticket-scalpers – hints & tips below. Sadly we can’t take responsibility or provide remedies for any resale transactions gone wrong.

Ticket Resale Tips

Here are some tips on how to stay safe when purchasing second-hand tickets:

  • The best way is face-to-face, so that you can part with your hard-earned cash and get your ticket at the same time.
  • Make sure to get some offline contact details for the seller (i.e. a working phone number and/or physical address). If your only method of contact is Facebook/Email, they might just delete their account and disappear…
  • Remember to keep all correspondence in case something goes wrong (Facebook Messenger deletes their half of the chat if they delete their account, so if you have any weird feelings it’d be a good idea to screenshot the messages early)
  • When buying online, ask the seller to send you proof that they have the ticket before you send them any money, e.g. a photograph of their confirmation email.
  • If you are selling a ticket and someone requests proof of ticket, make sure you cover/obscure the ticket ID and QR code/barcode before sending a photo through.
  • Be wary of Facebook profiles that look dodgy. Telltale signs include: no profile picture of themselves, no mutual friends, no additional profile information.